Allie / 17 / Aug.28

I like to edit videos and graphics. Please don't bother me when I'm angry and please give me cupcakes when I'm sad. c:
You've got to be kidding me...




 I am buried beneath.

Tumblr isn’t working on my computer. :c I can’t enlarge any images or reblog them. :( also the tumblr app sucks

君は 私の どんな とこを好きになって くれたのとか

君は 私の どんな とこを
好きになって くれたのとか

 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}

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Song: Leaves Falling
Artist: Lullatone
Album: Little Songs About Raindrops
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Hey so I guess I’m doing a bit better today. It’s going to take time but I’m getting there. Thanks everyone for sending me nice messages. <3 They did help a lot. ♥